Maestro Media



Isaiah’s love affair with video began at age 12 when he began filming instructional videos with his dad at work. After graduating early from high school Isaiah traveled to India on a 4 month videography internship to work with a 15 year video veteran. This life experience cemented Isaiah’s desire to produce stories through a lens. 

You know, I’m sorry but, I didn’t mention it earlier but actually I preferred to be called Maestro.
— The Maestro Seinfeld Season 7, Episode 3 "The Maestro”

Maestro media was named after Seinfeld, but born through Isaiah's passion. Videography as a creative outlet has rescued Isaiah from life’s trials, provided for him, and his advocacy projects, and has allowed him to serve countless others with his talents. From an award-winning teenager grew a successful professional with highly-praised work and a widely respected business philosophy, Isaiah has turned discipline and technique into art time and time again.